MASTER Collection – Ornamental glass is the most decorative and versatile material. It is produced in the process of rolling liquid glass between two cylinders, with one of them having an engraved pattern pressed into the surface of the sheet. The degree of transparency of the glass depends on pattern, colour and possible additional processing of the glass (e.g. partial sandblasting of the surface).

In each case, the ornaments subtly diffuse light, creating a sense of privacy. A wide range of patterns is perfect for emphasising unique styles of even the most demanding interiors.

SATINATO Collection – satin glass or float glass, carefully frosted in the process of one-sided acid etching. The resulting fifty-percent transparency allows for a subtle lighting of rooms, which at the same time protects from undesirable glances from the outside. Gentle, uniform glass texture contributes to the warmth and elegance of the interior. It is also very easy to maintain nice and clean.

LAKOMAT Collection – matte lacquer-covered milk glass

Matte effect is obtained by covering one side of clear glass with a semi-transparent lacquer. Compared to acid etched glass, this type of surface is more resistant to dirt, especially fingerprints. The lacomat glass cannot be tempered.

ANTISOL Collection – tinted glass is a perfectly flat glass of uniform colour. This classic product with low reflectivity absorbs solar energy, protecting the interior from the Sun’s radiation. The intensity of the tint, as well as solar energy control levels increase with the thickness of the glass.

VENUS Collection – tinted float glass, produced with the same technology as clear glass. It is characterised by an exceptionally intense tint and a very low transmission of light TL-10%.

STOPSOL Collection – reflective glass produced on the basis of clear or tinted glass.

Thanks to the applied coating, the surface has a mirror effect. A typical application of reflective glass includes all-glass facades providing solar control and visual comfort. Another interesting use of this glass can be found in elements of front doors. If the difference in lighting is appropriate, the glass provides one-way visibility allowing for discreet observing of the other side.

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