A modern aluminum furniture handle is perfect as a finishing element for cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and office space.
The minimalist, simple form fits ideally with the furnishing made in a similar style.
For this reason, we recommend our accessories especially for modern arrangements.
The “CORDIA PLUS” company is a producer of such furniture elements, which is why we guarantee their highest quality. The aluminum handles available in our offer are made to order from the highest rank materials.
Individual models from our collection differ in size, style and finish method. Each product from the offer undergoes an anodizing process.
Thanks to the oxide coating, aluminum accessories are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage – scratches and impacts.
Furthermore, anodizing enables the aluminum elements to be staining on different colors.
We offer furniture profiles in the following colors: natural, steel, black mat, elegant brown anode.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of aluminum handles of the Polish manufacturer.